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modestatus Extension Module

modestatus is a layer on top of modewindow, providing a way to display the current status of the window manager, e.g. the focused window, the geometry of a window during resize, and more.

Screen Mixin: ModeStatus

Add a status message to the center of this screen's mode window. The status message is really a stack of different messages, where the top-most message is currently displayed.

Method: ModeStatus modestatus_set_default ( text )

Set the default text to be displayed when there is no special status to text.

Method: ModeStatus modestatus_new ( text = " )

Push a new message on to the status message stack. A ModeText object will be returned, which will have text as the initial message.

Class: ModeText

This class should never be instantiated directly, only through ModeStatus.modestatus_new.

Method: ModeText set ( text )

Set the text of this status message to text. If this is the top-most message, the new text will be displayed.

Method: ModeText pop ( )

Remove this message from the message stack. If this was the top-most message, the previous message will be displayed instead.

This module also provides some mixins that use the mode status functionality:

Client Mixin: ModeFocusedTitle

Display the currently focused client's title as the default message.

Screen Mixin: ModeMoveResize

When moving and resizing, display the title of the displayed window and the current geometry. The format of the message is controlled by an X resource with name plwm.moveResize.modeFormat and class Plwm.MoveResize.ModeFormat. It should be a Python format string, where %(title)s will be replaced with the client title, and %(geometry)s with the current geometry. The default format is %(title)s [%(geometry)s].

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