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modewindow Extension Module

The modewindow module provides a screen mixin to display a window containing general window manager information, and a class representing this information. The name of the module derives from the mode-line in Emacs, which has a similar function.

Screen Mixin: ModeWindowScreen

Displays a mode window on the screen. The look of the window is controlled with the following X resources:

These set the colors to be used by the modewindow. Defaults are black foreground and white background.
The font to use in the modewindow. Default is fixed.

Instance Variable: ModeWindowScreen modewindow_pos

Controls the position of the mode window. Can either be modewindow.TOP or modewindow.BOTTOM.

Method: ModeWindowScreen modewindow_add_message ( message )

Add message, which must be a Message object, to this mode window. A single message object can be added to several mode windows.

Method: ModeWindowScreen modewindow_remove_message ( message )

Remove message from this modewindow.

Class: Message ( position, justification = modewindow.CENTER, nice = 0, text = None )

Represents a single message to be displayed in one or more mode windows.

position is the horizontal position for this message in the modewindow, and should be a float in the range [0.0, 1.0]. The message text is drawn at this point according to justification, which should be one of the values modewindow.LEFT, modewindow.CENTER or modewindow.RIGHT. nice is currently not used, but is meant to be used to avoid message overlaps by shuffling less important messages around. Finally, text is the initial text of this message, where None means an empty message.

Method: Message set_text ( text )

Change the text of this message to text. All affected mode windows will be redrawn, if necessary.

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