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focus Extension Module

focus provides classes to track and control window focus changes. The core classes will generate events when focus changes. The order of the generated events is ClientFocusOut, CurrentClientChange, and ClientFocusIn. See section Core Events.

WindowManager Mixin: PointToFocus

This window manager mixin sets the current client to the one which currently contains the pointer. Most of the time, the current client also has focus. However if the current client don't use input, the previously focused client remains that.

WindowManager Mixin: SloppyFocus

This is a subclass of FocusHandler which implements sloppy focus instead of point-to-focus. Sloppy focus means that a client will not loose focus when the pointer moves out to the root window, only when it moves to another client.

WindowManager Mixin: MoveFocus

This mixin defines a method for moving focus between clients:

Method: FocusHandler move_focus ( dir )

Move the focus to the next window in direction dir, which should be one of the constants focus.MOVE_UP, focus.MOVE_DOWN, focus.MOVE_LEFT or focus.MOVE_RIGHT.

Alas, this function is not very intelligent when choosing the next window, and it only works well when all windows are on a horizontal or vertical axis and focus is moved along that axis.

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